Bahamas Relief Effort

Mastroianni Family Foundation and our entire network, partners and teams are currently in full operation to assist The Bahamas from the devastation that occurred from Hurricane Dorian.

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donations for the many people affected by the hurricane.

Due to the overwhelming generosity of the community, we are at full capacity of individual drop-offs and loose donation items. For efficiency with our cargo aircrafts and to continue making the most immediate impact in getting these to the people of the Bahamas, we will now only be accepting donations that are already on pallets. They do not need to be weighed and manifested, but do need to be packaged properly. There are a lot of organizations that are still taking individual donations from Stuart down to Miami. Thank you for the overwhelming support.

If you, or someone else you know, is interested in donating additional palletized relief, life or building supplies please contact us via email at [email protected] or by phone at 561-799-0050.

Dear friends, family, & supporters in our community,

We are reaching out to you in an urgent plea for assistance with our efforts to provide emergency aid to our neighbors in The Bahamas who were just pummeled with one of the strongest hurricanes on record. The Bahamians are currently in the midst of a humanitarian disaster which is getting worse by the hour. The things we are seeing on the islands are far more tragic than what is being reported in the news.

Since Hurricane Dorian hit on September 1st, the Mastroianni Family Foundation in partnership with Wyndham Grand Jupiter and Harbourside Place, have been working around the clock to procure pilots and helicopters to fly to the islands and rescue families that have lost absolutely everything including loved ones. So far we have rescued a total of 150 Bahamians with over 75 being housed by our team in Jupiter, Florida.

Once they arrive here in Florida, we have been arranging hotel rooms, clothes, toiletries, food; the bare necessities that these people will be needing while they figure out how to start their lives over from nothing. Doctors, nurses, dentists, orthodontists, therapists, grief counselors and more have volunteered their time to see each and every man, woman and child to ensure their wellbeing and provide the necessary care.

We are hoping to ramp up this effort into the coming days as the situation over there continues to worsen. We are asking you to please dig deep and donate to this cause so that we can continue these rescue missions and also provide assistance in helping these families start to put their lives back together. The Mastroianni Family has committed $200,000 initially, as well as opening the doors of the Wyndham Grand as a shelter and first stop for these traumatized families. We hope through our network of friends and family foundations we are able to assemble far more to aid in the humanitarian rescue mission that we have ongoing.

Funds can be donated via our GoFundMe page, via wire, or via check mailed to The Mastroianni Family Foundation: 115 Front Street, Suite 300, Jupiter, FL 33477.

This is very personal and important to our family and we appreciate whatever you can do, please pass this along to your friends and families.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Mastroianni Family

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Please make check payable to The Mastroianni Family Foundation : 115 Front Street, Suite 300, Jupiter, FL 33477.


Pounds of relief supplies brought to The Bahamas within 10 days
Total flights to the Abacos, Grand Bahama & Nassau for rescue and relief missions to date
Total helicopter search, rescue and relief missions throughout the Bahamas
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