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Hurricane Dorian Disaster Relief for The Bahamas.
We are reaching out to you in an urgent plea for assistance with our efforts to provide emergency and recovery aid to our neighbors in The Bahamas who were just pummeled with one of the strongest hurricanes on record.

Available to high-achieving seniors that want to attend the nation’s best colleges and universities.

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You Are the Reason We Continue to Invest In Our Communities At the Mastroianni Family Foundation.

We invest the money we raise into organizations with years of experience to contribute to community-enhancing projects around the United States. We invest in your children and your children's children because they are helping us build a better tomorrow.

At the Mastroianni foundation, we treat our supporters just as we treat our partners, and we provide regular updates that connect them to the projects they support and the lives they changed.

Mastroianni Family Pediatric Emergency Department at Jupiter Medical Center

Opened in May of 2019, the Mastroianni Family Pediatric Emergency Department provides full-service emergency pediatric care in a kid-friendly environment.

The 6,300-square-foot center funded by the Mastroianni Family Foundation is located directly next to the existing Emergency Room and will always have a pediatrician on-site.

Children will receive the best care provided by a team of pediactric-trained doctors, surgeons and nurses equipped to treat a wide-range of medical issues.

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