Why We Give.

The Mastroianni Family Foundation is built on generations of family that contributes to the foundation's mission of improving the lives of individuals.

Nicholas A. Mastroianni II, founder of the Mastroianni Family Foundation, began his philanthropic work in 1995, funding grants to children in need of cancer treatment and working closely with the Shriner’s Hospital for Children. Today, the Mastroianni Family Foundation invests in charitable groups and nonprofit projects nationwide. After losing his mother when he was only 19 years old to breast cancer, he became committed to providing care for cancer patients in any way that could make a difference. This commitment grew into a passion that spanned over various healthcare initiatives that have made life-changing impacts for recipients and their families as well as overall communities.

As a father, he has instilled the same passion in his three children Nicholas III, Anthony and Audrey. Within the foundation, his children continue to support and participate in various projects they are individually passionate about. From pediatric healthcare, to neurological research and treatment, and environmental preservation, the Mastroianni family is committed to continue to make a difference in their local communities and nationwide. As the Mastroianni family continues to grow and add generations each member is passionate about fostering their legacy of philanthropy within the efforts of the foundation.